Was your apartment was broken into and emptied of belongings? Was your vehicle was stolen? Did you need medical treatment during a trip abroad?

Home, car, mortgage, flight abroad – all these and more are the most expensive assets you have and you invest the best of your money in them. When you insure these assets, you can be assured that at a reasonable monthly cost you will receive a refund if necessary, and you will not have to bear the burden of a large financial expense that you were not prepared for.

  • 1.2
    1.2 million households in Israel insure their apartment regularly
  • 6
    Billion NIS
    The car insurance market amounts to about NIS 6 billion in premiums per year
  • 750000
    Third party liability is extended in the policy without additional payment up to 750,000 NIS in car insurance for people with disabilities

Our Products

Car Insurance

Compulsory insurance, third party insurance and comprehensive insurance.
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Home Insurance

All the insurance extensions that will protect your home.
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Travel Insurance Abroad

For any type of trip abroad, even in the Corona period.
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Car Insurance for the Disabled

All the rights you and your loved ones deserve.
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Professional Liability Insurance

Business owners are exposed to claims, we can protect you from them.

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Service and Claims

The forms required to file insurance and apartment claims.
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אייקון כסף

Business Insurance

As business owners it is important that the following components be an integral part of your business insurance
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Mortgage Insurance

There are two important components that your mortgage insurance must include.
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